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Fever-Reducing Magnetic Materials

Rmaterials' magnetic materials have low heat loss and high magnetic properties. Therefore, Rmaterials was able to design generators/motors to solve the issue of heat generation, allowing them to manage heat on their own


Next-Generation Power Generation Systems

Rmaterials has designed blade and generator structures through its own design process, enabling high-efficiency power generation. Even at average wind speeds of 4-6m/s, high-efficiency charging is possible


RM Hybrid

Simply installing equipment does not automatically generate electricity from renewable energy. It is necessary to identify the optimal energy source based on the environment and construct the corresponding optimal power generation facilities


Rmaterials determines the optimal energy source for a given environment, primarily focusing on wind power, solar heat, and solar power, and optimizes power generation facilities for each energy source

Based on this optimization of power generation facilities, we provide customers with the best energy solution in their desired environment

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