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Make a better Place
with New Energy

Eco-Friendly Energy Solution Provider


as a company specializing in eco-friendly energy solutions,
challenges to create
a new paradigm in the energy market

Light, heat and air are all sources of energy

But there are days when there is no light, there are days when there is no wind, and there are days when it is not hot


R-Materials tries to provide a total energy care solution that can generate electricity in these diverse environments


Wind power, solar heat, and solar power cannot generate electricity simply by installing generators, wings, solar panels, and solar power generation modules

It is very important to identify which energy source is advantageous to utilize in the environment and to stably produce energy with maximum efficiency in the specific condition


R-Materials has conducted various studies and development for high-efficiency power generation for a long time to do this..

For a long time, we have been studying thermoelectric materials, which are the basis of solar power generation, and magnetic materials, which are the basis of generators, and established our first corporation at the end of 2021


We have strived to provide the optimal energy care solution, such as power generation system development and ESS system linkage development, and are currently challenging to create a new paradigm in the eco-friendly renewable energy market


R-Materials aims at the challenge of making energy available in our real life under the goal of making nature into energy, a gift from God

R-Materials is managed based on ESG policy





1) Environment   

R-Materials is an eco-friendly company

2) Social   

R-Materials is a company that operates with fairness, common sense, and competence without discrimination

3) Governance  

​R-Materials pursues transparent management and puts top priority on protecting shareholder rights

Key Participation and Achievements

- R-Materials plays a major role in national projects hosted by government departments and public institutions based on energy material technology and system design technology


- Solar Heat Generator System and Thermoelectric Module

* National Research Foundation of Korea, 2022.08 ~ 2026.12

- Next-generation power generation system

* SEED-TIPS Program, KESIA, 2022.09 ~ 2023.02

* Eco-startup Program, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, 2023.04 ~ 2023.09



* Foundation of R-Materials Co. Ltd.


* Establishment and Certification of the Corporate Research Institute of R-materials Co., Ltd. (Registration No. 2022113041)

* Venture Enterprise Certification (Innovative Growth Type, Registration No. 20220907030096)

* Participation in the SparksLab 19th Batch Program

* Participation in STEAM Research Project by the National Research Foundation of Korea, Next-Generation Thermal Semiconductor Development project.

* Participation in Seed Tips Program


*Excellent Graduation Assessment from the Seed Tips Program

* Patent Registration for the Combined Heat-Power-Wind Integration System

* Participation in the Eco Startup Project by the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute

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